WA Unit Calendar for 2019

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April – 2019

5-6        Spring Fling RallyLocation: Sunset American RV Park / Westport, WA  Hosts: TBA

27-29   Tri-Unit Rally Location: North Whidbey RV Park   Host: Ortiz

May – 2019

2-5        Hawaiian Luau Rally – Location: WLYH / Hosts: Terri & Carol Miller

7-16      Fishing Caravan – Location: Lake Curlew,WA   Host: Westerfield/Wyman

June – 2019

1            Battle Buddies Event – Location: WLYH / 1-4pm

18-21    Summer Kick Off Rally – Location: Glen Are RV Park in Hoodsport, WA

Hosts: Donna & Scott Bryson

July – 2019

18-21    Seaport Rally – Location: Port Townsend / Hosts: Teresa & Mark McCrary

August – 2019

1-4        Salmon & Mountain Rendezvous Rally – Location: WLYH. Host: Mark Johnson

16-18    Silver Lake Rally – Location: Silver Cove RV Park

Hosts: Diane Carpenter/Richard Stolarik

(Updated – 4/4/19)

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