As an Airstream owner you can (and should!) become a member of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) and the Washington Unit. A Washington Unit membership enrolls you in both WBCCI and the Washington Unit.

Regular Membership

The dues for the WBCCI Washington Unit are $90.00 paid annually. This affords you membership both at the International and Unit level. International membership is $65, and Washington Unit dues are $25 annually. This gives you the best of both worlds.
The rights and privileges of your membership are outlined below:
  • Access to membership in any Unit of WBCCI
  • Access to register and attend any International, Regional or local Rally or Caravan
  • Receive Washington Unit membership badge identifying you as a member at any WBCCI activity
  • Receive the WBCCI magazine, the Blue Beret
  • Access to “Courtesy Parking”, which is parking at member homes, at no charge, for an agreed upon short duration
  • Access to “Intra-Clubs” like Vintage, Amateur Radio, Computer etc.
  • You will receive membership “Numbers”, which are displayed on your Airstream for the purpose of identification at rallies and caravans
  • You will receive the annual WBCCI Directory
  • You will have one vote per membership
  • You will be eligible to hold a Washington Unit office
  • You will be able to attend any Unit Rally or Caravan, the annual International Rally, Region Rallies, Special Event Rallies
  • You will receive the Washington Unit Directory, Bylaws and Newsletter
 Affiliate Membership
You may also be a member of multiple Units. This is called an Affiliate Membership. Affiliate Membership in the Washington Unit is $25 annually.
As an Affiliate Member you have all the rights and privileges of a regular member of the Unit except the following:
  • You may not hold office.
  • You may not vote on International, Region, or Unit officers.
  • You may not vote on any amendments to the International or Unit constitutions.
  • You may not vote on dissolution of the Unit or the merger of the Unit with another Unit


To become a new member,  or a renewing member, or an affiliate member of the WBCCI Washington Unit, click on the following link.  This is brand new, so try it out….